The Christopher T. Davidson HBHS Lacrosse Scholarship

In the winter of 2003 Christopher Davidson, an 18-year old Senior who had been on the Huntington Beach High School Football team, embarked on a quest to establish another sport to participate in when football season was over.  He thought it should be highly competitive and a true contact sport, very much like the hard hitting football they had all played for four years.  He chose Lacrosse. Since this wasn’t yet sanctioned by the school, he personally recruited a team, and in January of 2004 founded the HBHS Lacrosse Club.  Chris actively searched for a coach to get the program off the ground and fortunately one of the interested Freshman players’ father was Ralph Ornelas, a no-nonsense LA Sherriff who was not only a lacrosse fan but had played lacrosse in college.  Ralph assembled a small coaching staff and they devoted their time and energy to work with the team to learn the game and hone the players’ skills.  

The new team put in the time, the work, the energy, and the sweat, practicing hard twice a week to not only learn the sport but to also learn what it takes to be winners.  They practiced in parks and empty fields, any place they could find, and got more and more proficient.  They furnished their own equipment, uniforms and transportation and were soon playing other lacrosse teams throughout Orange County.  

Only five months after they started the club they won the second place title in their division tournament!  A team that hardly knew what lacrosse was just a few months earlier!  That’s teamwork, and dedication, by both the players and their coaches.

It was the end of the school year and most of the players on the team would soon go off to college.  Chris had been accepted into Chico State University and was looking forward to graduation and the next chapter of his life. Everything seemed to be going great, but it wouldn’t last.  A few weeks before graduation, at an unsupervised Senior Prom hotel after-party, Chris took his own life. A combination of excessive alcohol and improperly prescribed anti-depressants caused a devastating impulsive decision and a tragic end to a bright young man’s life. The HBHS Lacrosse Club would continue and would become an HBHS sanctioned team, but Chris didn’t live to see that.  In the early stages of putting the team together, Chris told his mother “this is my legacy.” And HBHS Lacrosse has become an awesome legacy indeed.

In his memory, his mother and stepfather have provided the annual Christopher T. Davidson Lacrosse Scholarship of $500.00 for one HBHS Lacrosse player.  This scholarship is awarded to a player that has shown many admirable traits throughout their participation in Lacrosse at HBHS, and in a small way may help that player on his next journey to make his dreams come true.